Hi everyone, and thanks for coming to our Murder Mystery Night, the first we have held, so please bear with us. Steve Lever and his team have worked hard to put it on for us, so big thanks to them, and I hope you all have a good night.


I hear that Elsie Douglas has had her heart bypass operation, and that she is making great progress in hospital. However I hear that Tony Melia is in Whiston Hospital for investigations, Michael Lindon is in Halton, and Julie Cartwright is in Warrington. We have passed our best wishes on to all of them.

Turkey and Tinsel

A reminder that the £100 a head deposits must be paid tonight, with the balance due at the next meeting on 14th October.

Vintage Rally

Hopefully you have all brought along bags of items for us to offer as prizes in our tombola at the vintage rally on the 26th and 27th of this month. We are still massively short of volunteers to man the stall on both days. If you can spare a couple of hours to help us out, that would be appreciated.

Day Out

As previously advertised, we intend to visit Llandudno on Thursday 24th September. This is our last opportunity to visit the resort this year before the cold weather sets in. The cost is £10 a head and as usual we need a minimum of 30 members, friends and family to ensure it goes ahead. The coach will leave the Halton stadium at 09.15, and the Red Admiral at 09.30.

York Trip

Last month 31 of us ventured over the Pennines to York, where we haven’t been for several years. The racing festival was on at the same time, which swelled the visitor numbers. A great time was had by all, visiting all the usual tourist attractions, and we left at 6pm for the return journey, to avoid the bulk of the Friday afternoon traffic. I have already had comments that there wasn’t enough time to see it all, so we will plan another visit next year for sure. Thanks to everyone who supported the trip, hopefully you will all come to Llandudno later this month.


The committee and other concerned members raised a point about the lack of respect being shown to our entertainers, by a minority of people who talk loudly while they are performing. Can I please ask that we all remain quiet while they are on stage, as it is off putting for both the artist, and our members who are enjoying their act. There is ample opportunity to have a chat during the rest of the evening. I thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Club Caravan

We will be shutting down for the winter at the end of November, so if you are looking to book a week, then get your order in quickly.

Savings Club

There is still the opportunity to take advantage of our savings club to help budget for future holidays. Please see me to make a deposit.

Christmas Draw Tickets

This year we have opted to change the tickets. They will be £1 a ticket in books of 10, as opposed to 5 for a pound. It is a pain in the neck if you buy £5 worth, to have to fill in your name, address and phone number 25 times, and I know from having to separate the tickets that quite a large number are left blank. Tickets will be issued at the October meeting, to be returned at the November meeting. Tickets will not be accepted at the Christmas party.


Friday 23rd October:

EITHER: Imperial War Museum North OR Liverpool Albert Dock and Museum of Liverpool Life

Thursday 26th November:

Port Sunlight Village and Cheshire Oaks

December 2015

No trip planned


14th October:

Race Night

11th November:

Choir of the Irish Guards

9th December:

Christmas party

Thanks to you all for coming to support your club tonight. Don’t forget, we still have suggestions slips available for you to comment on what we are doing right or wrong, or to ask us to consider a new destination for a day trip, or a different activity on club nights. We want everyone to have a say on how the club is run, and these slips are there for that purpose so please use them. Have a good night, and if we don’t see you on the Llandudno trip, maybe you will come along to support the club a he vintage rally.


On the 12th of August, the club passed a milestone in its history, as it celebrated its 18th birthday. I’m sure that Bob and his small group of like minded individuals never dreamed 18 years ago that it would last this long, but it has, and the firm base they established has stood us in great stead to go from strength to strength and support the stroke sufferers of Halton for a long time to come.

18th Birthday Party 001Our guest of honour was Haltons Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Ged Philbin, and the Deputy Mayoress Ms. Ros Wong, and they were greeted by our Chair, Ernie Ratcliffe and his wife, Margaret.

It was good to see Phil Millard, past Treasurer and Chair, who took time out from his busy retirement to spend some time with his old friends at the club. Tony Loftus from Halton Print, and Robbie Robertson of Apec Taxis also joined us to enjoy an evening of entertainment and a light supper.

18th Birthday Party 030Charlotte McKelvie, a past winner of Halton’s Got Talent, provided us with a great start to the evening, with a selection of songs, culminating with a resounding rendition of Nessun Dorma, which had the audience on their feet, applauding her talent once again. Later this year, she will be entertaining the rich and famous on a round the world cruise. They are in for a real treat!

Steak pie and chips was on the menu for supper, which was delicious, followed by a selection of decorated cupcakes, hand produced by our own Mary Berry, Teresa Cook. We have enjoyed her peanut brittle and peppermint creams before on our legendary coach journeys, so we knew they would be exquisite, and we weren’t disappointed.

The raffle raised over £121 for the club, and then the coaches arrived to whisk people away, back to their homes, thoroughly entertained and with full stomachs. A very successful night for the club, and only 12 months before we get to do it all again!

Below are some of our members enjoying the Birthday celebrations

18th Birthday Party 012

Here are members Val Anderson and Betty Mitchell

18th Birthday Party 023

Pauline and Ruth Card

18th Birthday Party 021

Rose Cook with Jean Riley and Sandra Byrne

Newsletter, August 2015

Happy Birthday to us!

Tonight we are celebrating the club’s 18th birthday with the help of some of our friends and supporters. We are privileged to welcome Haltons Deputy Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Ged Philbin and Ms Ros Wong to the club for the first time. We hope they have a good night with us.

Sad News (Again)

Unfortunately I have to announce that Russ Morrison, one of our founder members, has passed away. He was responsible for naming the club all those years ago. Several of us attended his funeral, and we passed our condolences to his daughter, Jennie, and his ex-wife Pauline who used to come to the club with him. Also, Elsie Douglas is in Warrington Hospital, awaiting a heart bypass operation. We have sent her a get well card, and we will keep you informed.


We are fortunate to have enlisted Miss Charlotte McKelvie to sing for us tonight, her last engagement before she leaves us to entertain the rich and famous on a round the world cruise. Nice work if you can get it! We have steak pie and chips for everyone later, and Teresa Cook has baked us some lovely cakes to finish off your meal.

Day Out

The trip to Morecambe last month was a great success, with 30 members making the trip north to see the statue of Eric Morecambe and have their picture taken with him. The market, shops and seafront make it a great place to visit, and the weather was kind to us too.

This month, on FRIDAY 21st, by popular request, we are off to York for the day. Pick-ups are from the Red Admiral at 9.15 and the stadium at 9.30. As it takes around 2 hours to get there, we will be leaving York for the return at 6pm, which should also help us to avoid the worst of the traffic on the M62. The cost is £15 per person.

Remember to invite your family and friends along to help fill the bus, and in turn, make it more enjoyable for you.

Turkey & Tinsel Holiday

We are off to Llandudno on Monday 30th November for 4 nights, at a cost of £249 per person. We need your £100 deposits tonight please, because I have already paid the hotel from club funds. If anyone else is thinking of joining us, please be aware that all the single rooms have gone, but there may be some twins if you are willing to share. Why not bring a friend or relation!

Savings Club

Well, it’s up and running, so if you want to take advantage of this facility please see me with your payments. Make sure you look after your savings card as that is your record of the balance in your account.


The club website has been resurrected by Kevin Atkinson, and we are busy writing articles for inclusion. We will publish the newsletters, reports of day trips, holidays and any special events or news affecting the club and its members. If you have anything you want to tell us, or you fancy yourself as a reporter, maybe writing an article on a day trip you went on, then have a chat with Kevin or any of the committee.

For all the silver surfers out there, the website can be found at

Vintage Rally

The club has booked a stall at the annual Vintage Rally at Victoria Park, Widnes on Saturday and Sunday, 26/27 September, where we will be holding a Tombola to increase awareness of the club and hopefully raise some funds. It is open from 10am to 5pm on both days. Now this is where you all come in. Firstly, we need items for people to win, so can we ask you to each bring at least one prize with you next month. Secondly, we are looking for volunteers to help us man the stall, the more the merrier. If you could commit to a couple of hours on either day, then that would be fantastic. We really can’t run it with committee members only, so please, if you can help we would be really grateful. Don’t be shy, help the club by giving your names to either Teresa or Dianne tonight.

Future Trips

Thursday 24th September: Llandudno

Friday 23rd October: EITHER: Imperial War Museum North OR Liverpool  Albert Dock and Museum of Liverpool Life 

Thursday 26th November: Port Sunlight Village and Cheshire Oaks


Club Nights

9th September: Murder Mystery Night.

14th October: Race Night

11th November: Choir of the Irish Guards

It’s been a hard year since Bob retired, I have to admit, because he did so much single-handed, but we have a great mix of talents on the committee, all dedicated to ensuring that the club goes from strength to strength from the sound base he established. But we can’t do it without the commitment of you, the members, and your support for everything we do. For all that you have done to help us this year we thank you. I hope that tonight is the beginning of another great year for the club.

So thanks to all of you for coming tonight, including our “special guests”. I’m sure that you will all join in tonight in celebrating our 18th birthday, and look forward to the next 18 years and more.

Hope to see many of you on the trip to York, but if not, then here next month, on the 9th.

Babbacombe Holiday June 2015

On 14 June 2015 24 club members set off for their annual holiday in Babbacombe. Instead of having a rest break half way there on a motorway service station, Mike our driver, came up with the brilliant idea of resting for 90 minutes in Tewkesbury.   What a lovely interesting place. We never stopped talking about it all holiday. So picteresque and charming.

For a change we were travelling and returning on a Sunday which also meant that the roads were not exceedingly busy and we arrived quite easily in Babbacombe still early in the afternoon. It felt like we had gained an extra day and we were all raring to get out and explore. But first we were amazed by the improvements to the hotel since we were last there. Lots of rooms had been modernised and the reception and bar areas looked beautiful. Renovations to the hotel will actually be completed by the time we return in 2016!!

We went on lots of lovely trips our nearly every day. No one was compelled to go but most of us were managed to go on every trip. We visited a few new places which made it all so exciting.

Below are just some of the places that we visited;Brixham


Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Sidmouth Seafront

The sea front at Sidmouth

Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewksbury Abbey

Torquay marina from the big wheel

Torquay marina from the big wheel

The hotel food and entertainment was much improved and the only problem was that there was no nightly bingo sessions for the ‘bingoers’. Let us hope that this changes for next year. Fingers crossed.

All week the weather was warm and sunny and everyone remained in high spirits. Unfortunately, it all had to end but the journey home was equally pleasant. This time we stopped at an independent service station and everything was organic and sustainable and comfortable. Non of the usual hurly burly of motorway services. Our only genuine complaint was that when we arrived in Runcorn and Widnes it was cold and windy and we certainly came back to reality with a bump.

Roll on 12 June 2016 when we once invade Babbacombe.


Quiz Night, July Club Meeting

With only a small amount of ‘Arm up the back’, Teresa Cook was persuaded to compile a quiz for the club meeting in July.

Copious hours were spent watching The Chase, Mastermind – ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ – and University Challenge – ‘here’s your starter for ten’ (ok, so I lied about the last two). After pouring through numerous quiz books, locked away in a darkened room, she came out into the light, her mission complete!

The Let’s Go Club’s version of acid tongue Ann Robinson took to the microphone and asked her 20 questions as if she was born to it.

Warnings were issued about the grave consequences to cheats, no googling the answers on mobile phones, it would be ‘Goodbye to the Weakest Link’.

Quiz complete it was time to mark the answer sheets, in the time honoured manner, answer sheets were swapped for answer sheets with the next table.

Nobody dared to question quizmaster Teresa’s answers, such was the command that she had over the room. Sounds of muttering and cursing could be heard from the gathered masses as the answer sheets were handed back to them.

‘Anybody got 20?’ was uttered by a lone voice.

There was no response from the quizzers but a wry smile could be seen to flicker across Teresa’s face.

‘16’ was acclaimed to be the top score coming from the far side of the room. This was claimed by the team of Martin Higgins, Marion McDonald, Shaun and Ann Dutton and Sylvia Attwood.

As promised and at great expense, the Let’s Go Club Quiz 2015 glass trophy was presented to the winners.

013 (2)

We see them clutching the spoils of their victory.

Congratulations to them.

It was something different for the Club Night but it went down very well so we will have to do it again!!!

Anyone volunteering as quizmaster has a hard act to follow!!!

Day Trip to Morecambe, 2015

On Thursday 23 July 2015, 30 club members travelled to Morecambe for the day driven by Sean of Anthony’s Travel. As soon as we arrived we gathered around Eric Morecambe’s statue to see ‘if we could see the join’. Eric would have said ‘there’s no answer to that!’

untitled (3)Born John Eric Bartholomew, Eric was a comedian, actor, entertainer and singer. His double act with Ernie Wise lasted from 1941 until his death in 1984. A keen birdwatcher, Eric’s statue shows him wearing his binoculars. The RSPB named a hide after him at nearby Leighton Moss Nature Reserve in recognition of his support.

In contrast, Little Ern grew up in Leeds and at the age of 6 years appeared at the old Pavilion Theatre, in Morley a borough of Leeds. To commemorate this, a stone statue was commissioned after his death in March 1999 and was unveiled by Ernie’s widow Doreen.

The 7ft statue divided opinion amongst residents – One woman resident told BBC News: “We should have a statue of him. It’s something to cheer us up. I think [Morecambe and Wise] were great.”


Another man said: “It doesn’t even look like him. It looks as if he’s falling over and it’s frightening people.”

The man added: “A lot of people in Morley, including me, think it’s a complete waste of time and money.”

Eric might have said ‘the boy’s a fool…Tea Ern?’

It was very breezy and starting to rain during our visit but everyone was hopeful that the weather would clear up as we had never visited Morecambe before. Well, the weather did improve and the sun shone down but there wasn’t a ‘short fat hairy leg’ to be seen. By the time we had all gathered to board the coach home, everyone was saying how much they enjoyed themselves.

The journey home took longer than expected due to motorway traffic hold ups but it gave everyone an opportunity to talk about their exploits that day and to have a little snooze.

All in all it was a brilliant day out and we are looking forward to our next day trip, our Turkey & Tinsel holiday and of course our 2016 holiday in Babbacombe. So much to look forward to and enjoy and not forgetting our 18th birthday party on Wednesday 12 August 2015.

Now, how did that song go – ‘bring me sunshine in your smile….’

Newsletter, July 2015


We have been informed that Joe Dorries wife has passed away. We have sent our condolences to the family.

On a lighter note, Colin Redican is still improving slowly, and hopefully it won’t be too long before we see him and Doreen back at the club.


Just a bit of fun to get us thinking. Teresa Cook has taken the time to compile it, so many thanks to her. Anyone caught googling the answers will be publicly shamed and excluded! A trophy at great expense to the winners.


Our holiday in Babbacombe was a great success. The weather was incredible, and the refurbishment of the hotel, although not planned for completion until next April, was very impressive. For a change we stopped off in Tewkesbury with its magnificent Abbey, for breakfast on the way down, which was universally welcomed as a change from a motorway service area. A new destination for our days out was Tavistock, on Dartmoor, where there was more than enough to keep us occupied for the day. Apart from Betty getting lost in Exeter and managing to enlist the help of an estate agent to accompany her back to the coach, the whole holiday passed without incident.

Bearing all this in mind I was more than happy to provisionally book for next year. The date you need to put in your diaries is Sunday 12th June 2016 for 7 nights. The price we settled on was £315 per person.


In order to make the holiday more affordable, we have agreed to start a savings club, with immediate effect. So now you can spread the cost over a longer period, and also build up a spending pot if you wish. This fund is only for holidays and is not to be used to save up for Christmas presents.

On the subject of Christmas, I would like to ask who would be interested in a Turkey and Tinsel break to Llandudno in November as we will need to get a deposit in soon.


We have received a cheque for £785 in respect of a collection at Fred Duttons funeral for which we are really grateful.


As published last month, we are planning a trip to Morecambe on THURSDAY 23rd July. The cost is £10 a head, picking up at the Red Admiral at 09.15, and Halton Stadium at 09.30. Please give your names to Dianne, and don’t forget to invite your friends and family too.


After many years as our transport secretary, Bryan Cartwright has decided it is time to hand over the reins. We would like to thank him for the sterling service he has given to the club. He will remain as a committee member, so we haven’t seen the back of him yet! We have been fortunate to enlist the help of Dianne Higginson to step into the role. So, from next month, if you cannot come to the club and want to cancel the pickup, please ring Dianne on either 01928-573801 or 07806-790635 as soon as possible, so we can let Anthonys travel know not to call for you.


Sorry to harp on, but we have had some really positive feedback from these slips. So if you have ANY comments, suggestions or criticisms whatsoever, PLEASE take the time to fill a slip in and post it in the box. Don’t forget it can be done anonymously if you wish.


Friday 21st August:       York

Thursday 24th September: Llandudno

Friday 23rd October: EITHER : Imperial War Museum North OR Liverpool  Albert Dock and Museum of Liverpool Life                        


12th August: Birthday party with buffet

9th September: Murder Mystery Night.

14th October: Race Night

Thanks for coming tonight and supporting your club, we really appreciate it. We look forward to seeing you next month, or better still, on the coach to Morecambe on the 23rd.